23 May – 21 June 2024
Vernissage | 23 May 2024 | 20:00
Performance | 21:34
Full Moon Gallery
Free Entry!

Antje Dudek is an art mediator and works as a lecturer for art practice and art didactic at the Technical University Dresden. Her artistic portfolio extends from graphism/painting to performance.

Antje Dudek presents herself in her exhibition with paintings on canvas and paper, glowing in the moonlight. As part of her exhibition, Antje Dudek presents paintings on canvas and paper cast in moonlight. How can you describe “Pink Moon”? Luminous companion, night watchman, reflection. Glowing, cold, elusive, in the rhythm of shifting visibility.

Some artworks depict the play of night creatures wandering in a full moon night or human shapes merging with mystical creatures. The paintings’ protagonists are floating on layers of colours or untangled in usual vegetation. They hide themselves behind abstract colour layers or wrap themselves in protective cocoons. The full moon explicitly appears as a motif and formal element of her work.

Others only let the nocturnal be perceived through tones of blue. Once the night spreads over us, what appears? Each art piece questions this in one way or another. Does insomnia haunt us with its wild trains of thought and bizarre distortions of what is familiar to us? Or do we seek shelter in a refuge where we can reconsider things from a fresh perspective, reorganise them and gather strength?


Performance Pink Moon from Antje Dudek and Lisa-Marie Porst

„Pink Moon“ is a duo performance illustrating in the thematic dialogue the exhibition with poetic, surreal pictures when the sun sinks and leaves the stage to the full moon.

Lisa-Marie Porst studiert Kunstpädagogik und Deutsch auf Lehramt an der TU Dresden. Ihre künstlerische Auseinandersetzung bewegt sich im Spannungsfeld von Installation, Fotografie und Performance.

Instagram: lisamarieporst

Music: Edflix & Chill

Edflix & Chill are the isolated and resounding echo of Dub Willner. It’s all about loops in the line fader and to the aux and back. The effect resembles the constantly rewiring version of the last version of an accompanying bass line.

Video: EDGED TAPES 040 || Аэрофлэд (Aerofled) | Edflix And Chill


Laudation: Isabel Eisfeld

Isabel Eisfeld teaches art, English and UNESCO project lessons at Hainberg-Gymnasium in Göttingen. She is fascinated by light and shadow and the potential they offer for finding a powerful expression.



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