“Art uncovered under the full moon’s silver light, from dusk till dawn”

Full Moon Gallery is an art exhibition space initiated and hosted by Jugend- & Kulturprojekt e.V. – JKPeV on Hechtstr. 17 in Hechtviertel Dresden with the express intent of creating a space and environment to allow local and international visual artists to feature their work in an innovative way; on the windows of the Full Moon Gallery every full moon. Artworks are facing not the inside space but the outside world which makes art more accessible and inclusive. Whether paintings, drawings, photos or graphic art, the main concept is to allow the spirit of free ideas to flourish, and then to present the result of that effort to the community.

A new exhibition that displays the works of one artist is inaugurated every full moon night. For three consecutive nights, the artworks are lit up all night long. The visitors have access from the street to see the artworks hanging on the windows of the Full Moon Gallery. This way, the Full Moon Gallery is open to everyone. Feel the art by joining the art exhibitions of the Full Moon Gallery! Experience a mesmerizing journey of the full moon’s magnetizing effect discovering art in an unusual way.

“Let us unravel our inner creativity, explore our hidden

desires and dreams”

Previous Exhibitions

Exhibition 31. October 2020


Painting by Enas Arabi

We couldn’t imagine a better way to celebrate altogether the full Halloween moon and the so-called ”hunter’s moon” than hosting in our Full Moon Gallery the fabulous ‘Maskerade’ exhibition by Enas Arabi! Under the gleaming lights of KulturCentrale, on the 31st of October, numerous passionate aesthetes gathered around this Syrian artist to admire her compelling new art projects. The participants were thrilled by the mysterious theme of ‘masks’ as – literally and figuratively – masks have always been a delicate way to hide valuable secrets, personal emotions and at a nutshell our ‘true’ face. The exhibition can be seen until the 3rd of November at Hechtstr. 17, Dresden.

Exhibition 01. October 2020

Harvest Moon

Painting and graphic by Ana Pireva

There’s hardly any better way to welcome October to the Full Moon Gallery of JKPeV than the opening of the artist Ana Pireva’s ′′ Harvest Moon ′′ exhibition! And what a huge success! More than 70 visitors used the clear full moon night and the radiant harvest moon to admire a series of watercolors and ink drawings by the Bulgarian artist currently studying at HfBK Dresden.
Jugend-& Kulturprojekt e.V. is proud to artfully illuminate Ana’s works in the full moon gallery areas. Folkloristic references from Bulgarian traditions, the gathering of spirits mixed with still vibrant legends and myths, fascinated and inspired many visitors who also had the opportunity to share their thoughts and feelings with the artist.


Vielleicht Gestern by Angel Vasilev

On the 2nd of September, the Full Moon Gallery opened its windows to the local artist Angel Vasiliev who presented his exhibition “Vielleicht Gestern”. The artist explained that the name “Vielleicht Gestern” or “Maybe yesterday” is a funny reminder to himself not to leave the work for tomorrow and be productive artistically in the here and now – the best time for that having been already yesterday. At the exhibition of the Full Moon Gallery Angel presented six artworks that were inspired by two years of traveling. His art however inspired us to organise our next exhibition on the 1st of October. More details about that will follow soon!

Opening of Full Moon Gallery
and Exhibition by Jakyeong

On the 3rd of August 2020 at 21:00, JKPeV inaugurated the Full Moon Gallery in the heart of the Hechtviertel in Dresden, with the opening of the art exhibition “Facebook” by the inspirational and talented artist Jakyeong from South Korea. Jakyeong in her works captures the unfamiliar faces of the local passersby in different places she has been to. The combination of Korean and Western motives in her artworks is strongly connected to the human nature, the way we keep our feelings, anxieties, weaknesses and insecurities to ourselves and wear the mask of confidence, success and strength in the outside world.

Jakyeong’s paintings display controversial characters in vivid, bright and captivating colours. As she highlights, the flamboyant representation of tigers on her artworks reveals a strong link to the east Asian culture, symbolising power, success and magnificence.
Despite the challenging Corona times, many people joined the opening of the Full Moon Gallery. It was a friendly and lively atmosphere where people from different age groups and lifestyles mingled and had the chance to meet in person the artist and talk with her about her work. JKPeV is glad to offer a brand-new setting of an out-of-the-ordinary gallery for locals to join our art exhibitions while having a casual walk under the full moon light.
We are looking forward to seeing you at the opening of the Full Moon Gallery’s new art exhibition under the title “Maybe Yesterday” by the Bulgarian artist Angel Vasilev on the 2nd of September. Come over and join us under the full moon light!