“Art uncovered under the full moon’s silver light, from dusk till dawn”

The FULL MOON GALLERY has been initiated by the Jugend- & Kulturprojekt e.V. 2020 with the intention of creating a space and environment that enables local and international visual artists to present their work in the most innovative way. As a vibrant exhibition space, the FULL MOON GALLERY addresses central matters of the present through the production, presentation and mediation of contemporary progressive art. The primary thematic focus is on the consideration of diversity, internationality and local references. On display are monthly changing solo, group and conceptual exhibitions on current cultural and social processes in engagement with the contemporary arts. The full moon, as an elementary and defining element of the gallery, determines the opening date of each exhibition. Always on the occasion of the full moon, the FULL MOON GALLERY invites you to a public vernissage in which the windows serve as the essential art space. Around the clock and freely accessible to everyone, contemporary artworks are presented to the outside world in the nine large illuminated display windows.

Under the curatorial direction of Stefan Kiehne, the FULL MOON GALLERY always presents exhibitions that evolve out of a desire to reflect contemporary and socio-political issues. The gallery sees itself as a social space that facilitates reflection and exchange between different actors and cultures and continuously challenges its visitors. With twelve exhibitions a year that include paintings, drawings, photographs, collages, sculptures, films, installations as well as performances, street art and conceptual art, the FULL MOON GALLERY in Dresden has firmly anchored itself in the spectrum of contemporary art.