It is well known that the technical progress made by civilisation has immense consequences on various levels. These are usually only noticeable with a time lag. The Bible categorises in “good & evil” to explain why the very first humans had to leave their world.
Referring to this, the artist Alabaster Becher develops his artistic position under the title Mischwesen – Ohne Angst und ohne Hoffnung (Mixed Beings – Without Fear and Without Hope): Man, understood as a species, does not accept these destructive processes because he is “evil” or wants “evil”. But because an exploratory spirit dwells within him that is constitutive for his species. An indomitable, imposing interest in the limits of the possible and how far they can still be stretched.
The works shown in the current exhibition are small insights into individual series of the canon of images that has grown over the years. All series are related to each other both thematically and in their materiality. For example, the paper scraps left over from the brainworks silhouettes, which in the series i’d like to rent some bodyparts advance to become an analogy-creating element. The remains of one series become the central motif of another. They seek, each from a different angle, an approach to the thematic core. In doing so, he does not want to moralise. The binary categorisation between “good & evil” is not served, nor is a solution devised. He merely documents the fascination of gaining knowledge through observation in the elaborate manner of the human species.
Further details in words and (moving) pictures on the homepage www.alabasterbecher.de