18.01.2022 - 15.02.2022

The exhibition shows a selection from various photo series by the artist. The artworks are visual narratives and are intended to provoke contradictory thoughts and emotions in the viewer. The idyllic moment is overshadowed by threat, the noose tightens around the protagonists, a mystical veil shrouds the luminous landscape. The ambivalent aesthetic references trigger inner conflicts by simultaneously evoking the familiar and bringing the unconscious to the surface. The creator wants to depict the personal reference to negative experiences, such as fear. The causes of anxiety may be obvious, but the feelings about it and its effects are unpredictable and unknown.Beyond these themes, analogies are reflected in the technical execution. While narrative concept and classical photo development are deliberate processes, experimental procedures are unrepeatable, accidental processes. Artistic techniques such as bleaching, photogrammetry, engraving and masking enhance the dramatic experience and bring the surface to life: Light beings and spirits emerge!