06 April 2023 – 03 May 2023

Vernissage | 06 April 2023 | 20:00

Full Moon Gallery

Admission free!

Full Moon Gallery invites you to the vernissage “save me.” by Dresden artist Laura Michelle Schubert on 6 April. The thematic basis of the collection shown for the first time is the alienation of humankind from its natural origins, caused by the prevailing compulsion to consume and the permanent sensory overload in our society. Man has lost the understanding of the original, natural attitude to life, which has led and continues to lead to its destruction. This behaviour now requires rapid and intensive nature and animal protection as a reaction. These thoughts are reflected in the multimedia art, which includes paintings, hoodies and photography. With the clothes, Laura Michelle Schubert chooses an unconventional form of passing on information, because by designing and wearing the hoodies in public, these thoughts reach society without fuss and greater effort. With the “save me.” – collection, the artist wants to encourage the commitment and further development of behaviour and understanding towards nature, which must be conserved for the existence of mankind.