Die Vier Elemente

11 March 2023 – 04 April 2023 Vernissage | 11 March 2023 | 20:00   In March, the Full Moon Gallery will present the exhibition by the artist Jana Pommer-Semper entitled THE FOUR ELEMENTS, which will be celebrated on the occasion of the full moon on 11 March. The question of the essence of the world, that which endures forever, are ancient questions of humanity. It took the ancient Greeks only four elements to explain the world. Aristotle’s and Plato’s reflections in this regard lasted until the 18th century. If Jana Pommer-Semper is to be believed, today our knowledge is increasing through research and science, but so-called knowledge is continually distancing us from the direct connection to nature. Much points to the fact that everything is under the rule of the four elements: 4 temperaments, 4 humours, 4 seasons. Mixed in different ways, they can represent the whole world. From these, eternally and unchangeably existing, the great principle of order of our occidental thinking develops and is only devalued by modern science. With the series “The Four Elements”, the artist wants to express her appreciation of the limited treasures of our earth, to recall the mythological understanding, which was characterised by gratitude and veneration and the inner knowledge that the elements have always been associated with climate, weather and their destructive power. It is the contrast of two different worlds that interests Jana Pommer-Semper, the relationship between natural material and synthetic colours, as well as the depiction of multi-layered worked-through surfaces versus clarity.