One year after her first exhibition at Full Moon Gallery, we’re excited to present to you the artist Jakyeong and her new exhibition „Totem“. Jakyeong‘s new artworks show ancient Korean totemic figures and self-created „Totems“ made with different materials and surprising light effects.

She applied colours as reminiscence of old buddha temples, so that her figures look delightful and sweet. Moreover, figures like the tiger are strongly associated with Korean Folk Art.

Her modern „Totem“ is an Assemblage work on canvas with wooden domino pieces and light band, which express the flow of blood.

These colour works and effects describe the artist‘s nature and emotions. She is excited to express herself by constantly trying out new materials and experimenting with unusual effects.

Jakyeong has lived in Bern, Switzerland and in Bologna, Italy. Currently she lives and works in Dresden. Exhibitions of Jakyeong took place in July 2018 at Luda Gallery in Seoul and in July 2019 in a private space in Zirtow.