10 September 2022 – 07 Oktober 2022
Vernissage |10 September 2022 | 20:00

In her works, Karolin Kutteri makes art a means of action in the discourse between sustainability, environmental ethics and climate justice. In the fields of painting and performance art, the artist provides a deep insight into spherical intermediate worlds. Elements from botany, anatomy and fractal patterns grow into each other as a symbiosis, and alongside neo-futuristic icon paintings struggle in romanticized, irreversibly transformed landscapes.

12 August 2022 – 08 September 2022
Vernissage | 12 August 2022 | 20:00

From 12 August to 8 September, Full Moon Gallery presents the new exhibition by Dresden artist Andreas Dörfel entitled TRACES. The trained architect already completed additional studies in architecture-related art at the HfBK Dresden in the 1980s. In his current exhibition TRACES, his paintings, with their appropriately gentle tone, invite us to philosophise about tranquillity and stepping out of any and all-embracing noise.

13 July 2022 – 11 August 2022
Vernissage | 13 July 2022 | 20:00

The Dresden artist Anja-Alexandra Kaufhold created in the last two years detailed nature studies and visited, among other things, Saxon Switzerland, the Dresden Heath, the banks of the Elbe, as well as the Prince Pückler Park to escape the restrictions in the wake of the Corona Pandemic. In the process, numerous works were created, whose focus is primarily on the representation of various trees and forests. The artist is particularly influenced by a spiritual approach to nature. At the exhibition opening on 13 July in the Full Moon Gallery, the renowned Dresden artist Oskar Staudinger will speak and introduce the artist Anja-Alexandra Kaufhold and the topic of her exhibition. The vernissage will also be musically accompanied by the Dresden duo LunaLee, who combine diverse musical influences in a refreshing way. The duo’s playful, light improvisations with folk and blues influences will be underlaid with profound German lyrics full of everyday poetry.

14 June 2022 – 12 July 2022
Vernissage |14 June 2022 | 20:00

The artist works for the most part with found objects made by people and shaped by their use – each with its own history, discarded by people. Marion Kahnemann is concerned with giving these objects back their human context – even if it is now a different one. Alongside this, she explores the possibilities of interaction between the textual and the visual. Dealing with texts is part of a longer process in which she relates what she has found. What is found can include objects, materials, texts, stories, experiences, encounters, “Vergegnungen” (Buber), or even simple discoveries during the process of creating. This results in a kind of dia-,tria- or tetralogue – quasi a conversation between the different materials, the colors, forms, texts, subtexts, herself, the viewer etc… This is in no way an illustration of the texts. In addition to biblical and rabbinic texts, the poetry and prose of Else Lasker-Schüler, Rose Ausländer, Yehuda Amichai and Peter Weiss have increasingly become the focus of her artistic exploration in recent years.

14 April 2022 – 14 May 2022
Vernissage |14 April 2022 | 20:00
Finissage & Auction |14 May 2022 | 20:00

The Full Moon Gallery wants to support the Ukrainian refugees in their difficult times as much as it is possible. Therefore the team of the gallery will organise an exhibition of Oleksandra Kulikovska and Dresden artists. Those artists will exhibit selected art works for one month and will provide them at the end of the exhibition in a “Charity Art Auction” at the Full Moon Gallery for sale. The donations resulting from the auction will go directly to Ukrainian refugee aid. The auction will take place on 14 May and will be moderated by the artist and DJ NimasterBlaster, who will also provide the musical accompaniment to the after-show party.

Oleksandra Kulikovska

In her artistic activity, Oleksandra actively explores the nature of such phenomena as identity, mental disorders, fear, death,war and violence. People are often afraid of “difficult topics”, but the artist is sure that this hinders an honest look at reality. Ifyou still honestly look at reality, you can change something and make this world a better place.

As part of the finissage "Female sexuality beyond taboo" Exhibition by IVA BOYTCHEVA

12.04.2022 / 20:00

Reading with Madame Anné
With possibly frivolous debauchery & slight moral lapses.
Text performance with CocoN
Harald and Vanessa love to make love.
Free admission!

Female sexuality beyond taboo

Exhibition by Iva Boytcheva
Finissage 12.04.2022 / 20:00 / Music: Paul Geigerzähler

The exhibition shows extremely courageous views of female sexuality and the different facets between pleasure and suffering, between body, soul, freedom, coercion and new horizons. The paintings express the personal experiences of a young woman of today, who is looking for her way between clearly defined rules and the breaking of borders and social conventions.
There is also the dimension of a life in motion across national, regional and cultural borders. It is the freedom of the migrant, of the woman with a backpack, who searches for and creates anew where she belongs to. A way of life is shown where one’s own body is not betrayed, but always taken along.
The paintings of Iva Boytcheva make it clear that the negotiations take place in one’s own body. The female body is made visible and tangible here as a venue and instrument. The exhibition shows topics such as being alone and being in relationships, longing, menstruation, pregnancy, abortion, and renewed hope. In all these themes, foreign attributions and old taboos are questioned and broken.
The paintings are direct and expressive. They come across as momentary explosions of deep layers and painful experiences. Anyone who gets involved is challenged to climb into this whirlpool and thus to achieve new perspectives and joyful feelings.

More about the artist at: www.ivart.de

The exhibition will be available between 18.03.-13.04.2022

It is well known that the technical progress made by civilisation has immense consequences on various levels. These are usually only noticeable with a time lag. The Bible categorises in “good & evil” to explain why the very first humans had to leave their world.
Referring to this, the artist Alabaster Becher develops his artistic position under the title Mischwesen – Ohne Angst und ohne Hoffnung (Mixed Beings – Without Fear and Without Hope): Man, understood as a species, does not accept these destructive processes because he is “evil” or wants “evil”. But because an exploratory spirit dwells within him that is constitutive for his species. An indomitable, imposing interest in the limits of the possible and how far they can still be stretched.
The works shown in the current exhibition are small insights into individual series of the canon of images that has grown over the years. All series are related to each other both thematically and in their materiality. For example, the paper scraps left over from the brainworks silhouettes, which in the series i’d like to rent some bodyparts advance to become an analogy-creating element. The remains of one series become the central motif of another. They seek, each from a different angle, an approach to the thematic core. In doing so, he does not want to moralise. The binary categorisation between “good & evil” is not served, nor is a solution devised. He merely documents the fascination of gaining knowledge through observation in the elaborate manner of the human species.
Further details in words and (moving) pictures on the homepage www.alabasterbecher.de

18.01.2022 - 15.02.2022

The exhibition shows a selection from various photo series by the artist. The artworks are visual narratives and are intended to provoke contradictory thoughts and emotions in the viewer. The idyllic moment is overshadowed by threat, the noose tightens around the protagonists, a mystical veil shrouds the luminous landscape. The ambivalent aesthetic references trigger inner conflicts by simultaneously evoking the familiar and bringing the unconscious to the surface. The creator wants to depict the personal reference to negative experiences, such as fear. The causes of anxiety may be obvious, but the feelings about it and its effects are unpredictable and unknown.Beyond these themes, analogies are reflected in the technical execution. While narrative concept and classical photo development are deliberate processes, experimental procedures are unrepeatable, accidental processes. Artistic techniques such as bleaching, photogrammetry, engraving and masking enhance the dramatic experience and bring the surface to life: Light beings and spirits emerge!


03.12.2021 - 06.01.2022

The ‘Weihnachts-Kunst-Markt’ (Christmas Art Market) in the Full Moon Gallery was supposed to be opened at the next full moon. Unfortunately, Corona rain on our parade again, but we won’t let that spoil our spirit.
From 3 December to 6 January 2022, numerous unique works by local artists will be exhibited in the exterior windows of the KulturCentrale as part of the ‘Weihnachts-Kunst-Markt’ and also will be sold for a small fee. So if you want to surprise your loved ones with an artistic gift under the Christmas tree, or are simply looking for new works of art and cannot afford the traditional art market, you should definitely find your way to us. With this exhibition, JKPeV wants to support local artists who are currently facing an enormous economic test due to the Corona pandemic and the associated crisis in the cultural sector.

Faszination des Seins und des Göttlichen

Hans-Jürgen Andersen

Vernisage 19.11.2021 / 20:00
Just in time for the full moon in november, Hans-Jürgen Andersen celebrates the vernissage of his exhibition „Faszination des Seins und des Göttlichen“. He will present a selection of his painting-graphic collages at the Full Moon Gallery on 19 November 2021. The painter himself will accompany the evening musically on the guitar with self composed songs.
Born in 1949, the poet, composer and painter graduated from the Dresden Academy of Music in 1975. In the same year he also began working as a freelance musician. He has been a member of the Künstlerbund Dresden e.V. since 2002.
In the course of his work as a songwriter, Hans-Jürgen Andersen realised that not all his feelings and illusions could be captured in sound and words. So over time he developed into a two-way artist and devoted himself more and more to painting. With his unique technique, he brings life out of the most diverse materials. His fascination with being and the divine is poetically mirrored in his paintings.
20.10.2021 - 17.11.2021

Peter Koch originally comes from the Baltic Sea and has been living in Dresden as a freelance artist for over 30 years. He moves very virtuously between painting and music. He enjoys every moment in which he can express his feelings through creativity.
During his studies, he established contact with some well-known artists of the GDR such as Dieter Weidenbach, Horst Peter Meyer and Joachim Kuhlmann in order to learn from them. He concentrated on maritime impressions and moments of village life.
Peter Koch loves aesthetics, likes to live and work by instinct and has developed a penchant for experimentation in recent years. The opening of the exhibition will also be the record release party for his new CD “KAPRIOLEN”.

21.09.2021 20:00

For the September full moon we’d like to invite you to the opening of our new exhibition at the Full Moon Gallery! On the 21st of September at 20:00, we are glad to open Anne Rosinski’s exhibition „Über die Zeichnung hinaus“ (engl.:“beyond drawing“).
The visual artist Anne Rosinski sees her works as representations of emotional landscapes.
Currently, the focus of her figurative work is on feeling and describing the surfaces of these emotional landscapes. In doing so, she adds graphic structures to the landscape representations that go far beyond the sketchy nature of an artistic drawing. The magic lies in the absolute freedom to accompany the fleeting moment of a line while blurring the boundaries between painting and drawing.
The dissolution of the graphite material produces a multitude of shades and gradations of gray. A point condenses into a hatching and the paper becomes a source of light. Light and dark, proximity and distance begin to take shape.
In the process, Rosinski’s works become a mirror of emotional inner spaces.


A fusion event where art meets entrepreneurship at KulturCentrale on Saturday, August 21st at 20:00

This time you will have the chance to see the latest artworks of our Full Moon Gallery Artist, BENUZ. Benuz is a graffiti artist born in Mexico City in 1977 who first came into contact with graffiti through skateboarding. It didn’t take him long to realize that graffiti and street art would become his main passions. Benuz developed a unique and technically elaborate graffiti style based on calligraphy in the early 2000s. He integrated calligraphy into his style in a non-textual way by drawing new symbols which replace the written language, but still bear a resemblance to written texts. Throughout the years, Benuz has become quite known in the graffiti scene of Mexico being one of the calligraphy graffiti movement pioneers. Today, his avant-garde artworks are widely recognised within the worldwide urban art scene, and he has become a source of inspiration for many young and emerging graffiti and street artists all over the world. His upcoming exhibition at the Full Moon Gallery is entitled DAS EWIGE (engl. „The Eternal“). This exhibition is dedicated to the topic of cyclicality of time and how its results are incorporated into each epoch.

And this is where ART meets ENTREPRENEURSHIP!

Benuz did not just use any kind of paper for his artworks in our Full Moon Gallery exhibition, but a special grass paper produced by the young Dresden-based start-up “MATABOOKS”. The team of MATABOOKS are specialized in creating sustainable, vegan and environmentally friendly papers and books made of grass. CEO and founder Kay Hedrich will join us and give insight into how he founded and developed this green start-up and what it takes to conceive an idea and make it a successful business! And since this evening will not only be dedicated to art but also to entrepreneurship, the JKPeV team takes the chance to introduce you to one of our current projects, the “GAME-CHANGER” whose main aim is to build and further develop the entrepreneurial competences of those who aspire to become entrepreneurs. We will present you the learning resources that JKPeV together with our international partners have developed so that you get equipped with all necessary skills to start working in practice on your business idea!

This is not just a simple Full Moon Gallery evening, it is an evening full of art, entrepreneurial spirit, and “food” for thought and action!  Save the date and join us!

Links for further information:

Benuz´s website: https://www.flight-at-night.com/

Matabooks: https://www.matabooks.de/

Game-Changer project: https://gamechanger-project.eu/en/


Jakyeong Jeong // Finissage 20.08.2021 // 20:00

One year after her first exhibition at Full Moon Gallery, we’re excited to present to you the artist Jakyeong and her new exhibition „Totem“. Jakyeong‘s new artworks show ancient Korean totemic figures and self-created „Totems“ made with different materials and surprising light effects.

She applied colours as reminiscence of old buddha temples, so that her figures look delightful and sweet. Moreover, figures like the tiger are strongly associated with Korean Folk Art.

Her modern „Totem“ is an Assemblage work on canvas with wooden domino pieces and light band, which express the flow of blood.

These colour works and effects describe the artist‘s nature and emotions. She is excited to express herself by constantly trying out new materials and experimenting with unusual effects.

Jakyeong has lived in Bern, Switzerland and in Bologna, Italy. Currently she lives and works in Dresden. Exhibitions of Jakyeong took place in July 2018 at Luda Gallery in Seoul and in July 2019 in a private space in Zirtow.


Flux Wild 17. July 2021

The new NACHTWESEN series of studio paintings created by Flux Wildly, is his first new studio work in the last 10 years. These paintings feature a previously un-used technique in his artworks. Some of these artworks are brand-new creations, while others have been found, scattered in various sketchbooks through time. The NACHTWESEN series has been created this way that saves the actual painting work for last.


Jens Küster

Opening 24. Jun 2021 // 20.00

Die Bildkonstruktionen sind Endergebnisse von Übersetzungsarbeiten. Dabei versucht der Künstler Notationssysteme zu entwickeln, die hörbare Rhythmikgebilde sichtbar machen sollen.
Jens Küster stand lange im Austausch mit Musikern, die nordindische Rhythmik in ihr musikalisches Konzept einbezogen und vertiefte dadurch sein Verständnis. Dieses Rhythmiksystem hat eine mehrere Jahrhunderte alte Tradition und so liegt sein derzeitiges Hauptaugenmerk im Anschauen und Entdecken von Verbindungslinien zur Jetztzeit, da er davon ausgeht, dass musikalische Konzepte Gesellschaftskonstruktionen spiegeln.

Die Kunst ist ein Abenteuer

Leonore Adler

Opening 26. May 2021 // 20.00

And for me, that begins in the studio and on my own doorstep. Many people think you only experience adventure when you are far away. But that’s not true! I can experience adventures everywhere, I just have to discover them and get involved in uncertainty, get out of familiar rituals, do something different. I like to experiment with color and form. The white of the painting surface becomes a challenge. The first application of paint becomes the “big bang” from which everything else develops. The Assemblage allows a playful approach to the means. Old layers are partially removed, remains are overlaid by new layers. Like our memories, which are partially forgotten or reinterpreted and changed by newer memories. My work is process-bound and the result is therefore not predictable. Therefore, my paintings are never “finished”, rather they are in a temporary state of rest. Some stay that way. Others I bring out again after some time and rework them again. Whether they become better thereby, I do not know. What is important for me is that they change.

About beauty and truth

Joachim Rauch

Tuesday (27/04/2021) was the April full moon and the exhibition of Joachim Rauch “About Beauty and Truth”. The exhibition is on display until May 4. Come by and take a look at the artwork.

Joachim Rauch has been involved with art all his life as an artist, gallery owner and a collector. He is active as a painter and sculptor, working in the genres of painting, sculpture and drawing. In both form and color, he seeks expressive expression. He deals with nature in his landscape and mountain views. The human figure and the psychology of human existence is also a recurring theme in his works. His works are dedicated to truth, beauty, and pantheistic worldview. Joachim Rauch has lived in the Dresden area for a decade. His complete works can be found at: www.joachim-rauch.de

27. February 2021 Peter Koch

Peter Koch originally comes from the Baltic Sea and has been living in Dresden as a freelance artist for over 30 years. He moves very virtuously between painting and music. He enjoys every moment in which he can express his feelings in creativity. During his studies he built up contact with some well-known artists of the GDR such as Dieter Weidenbach, Horst Peter Meyer and Joachim Kuhlmann to learn from them. He focused on maritime impressions and moments of village life. Peter Koch loves aesthetics, likes to live and work by instinct and developed in recent years a penchant for the experimental.

28. januar 2021 INGO R

Who knows the Neustadt and the Hecht, also knows Ingo R. Dancing, discussing, smoking and tireless. The artist is probably the most exciting import the Black Forest had to offer and enriches the neighborhood with scene. A visit to her studio and home.

In Ingo’s realm, it smells of smoke and smoke work, no smooth wall lets the eye rest. From all angles looks faces, ghosts, demons. Person and art in Ingo R are inseparable. The table bears brushstrokes, the tiled stove is a small gallery, the bedroom is a store. When asked how she came to art, Ingo looks like the tree that you ask why it has roots. Photography, sculpture, painting – “It’s all inside me. I’ve been involved with art since I’ve been alive.” When ‘something wants to get out’, Ingo is at the easel for ten hours, without interruption. You can believe it, considering her sinewy arms, beady-eyed steady gaze and strong will. Her hands are smooth, with delicate fingers, like those of a young girl. Her voice is like rough blues.

Ingo came to Dresden 24 years ago. Dresden is one stop after many: in the 70s she traveled alone through Turkey and North Africa, followed by 15 years in Zurich, eight years in Philadelphia, then Paris. Always she lived in artist groups, exchanged ideas, inhaled the other culture. “I know people from all over the world. I can move anywhere.” For a long time, she worked in art therapy: in hospice, in rehab, with teenagers. “They worked funny in some cases” she says thoughtfully, referring to the facilities. “With carrots and sticks.” She herself talked to turkey with the young people, set her rules, gave an extra ration of cigarettes, invited ‘to throw up’ in her studio and listened. After thirty years, she wanted to do her own thing.

“Dresden has become my home. Here you meet cultural workers from all over the world” says Ingo, tracing her lipstick and dabbing away the excess red with a tissue. “Sure, it’s hardcore what goes on here. But I’m confident.” Her vision for the future? “Germany Nazi-free.” Ingo R lives and works on, with a lot of natural curiosity, natural humanism, and a wild heart as red and fresh as her lipstick.

Alex Affenzahn + Gabriele Nagel

05. December 2020 corona Moon exhibition

By Ljuben Stoev (*1939 – †2016) – Sofia / Bulgarien

Social outsiders and the living conditions of the people in his home country Bulgaria, clearly define the artistic work of the painter and graphic artist Ljuben Stoev. Trained at the Universities of Fine Arts in Sofia and Dresden, he developed an individual, ironic and humorous aesthetic style to approach critical social topics. He skilfully combines his own graphic and painterly works with objects from everyday life, whilst presents to the viewer a visual depiction of the theatre of the absurd. The artist moves virtuously between the techniques of collage and installation.

On the other hand, there is Ljuben Stoev’s early work, which, among other things, deals thematically with impressions of the countries he visited. Travelling on Bulgarian cargo ships during the 1970s, he describes his unique impressions through woodcuts and ink drawings.  Based stylistically still on the realism of the 20s, he is already developing his own form of expressionism, which permeates the entire life of this versatile artist.

As a point of reference for the Bulgarian art scene, Ljuben Stoev, was represented in numerous exhibitions in his home country and abroad. His work is divided into thematic cycles, some of which are shown in Dresden for the first time this autumn. ‘Dreimal um die Welt’ Grafik und Malerei was presented in Weltclub and now in parallel to the exhibitions in Städtische Galerie Dresden ‘Und die im Dunkeln sieht man nicht’, Jugend- & Kulturprojekt e.V. is pleased to present important parts of the impressive work of this Bulgarian artist in the Full Moon Gallery.

Coco N

31. October 2020 MASKARADE

by Enas Arabi

We all put on masks in our daily lives to present ourselves in a form that is convenient for us. We show a picture of ourselves, behind which joy and contentment but also fear, sadness or insecurity are hidden. According to an ancient Syrian legend, there is a magic box inside us, in which our experiences from the past are collected and with its help we decide which mask suits better to a certain moment. To be able to look behind the mask, we need a key for the magic box. However, many people do not know the right key for their magic box and therefore cannot share their true selves with others. Among these dozen keys we have for the magic box, we have to find the right one that will free us from the mask

01. October 2020 Harvest Moon

by Ana Pireva

There’s hardly any better way to welcome October to the Full Moon Gallery of JKPeV than the opening of the artist Ana Pireva’s ′′ Harvest Moon ′′ exhibition! And what a huge success! More than 70 visitors used the clear full moon night and the radiant harvest moon to admire a series of watercolors and ink drawings by the Bulgarian artist currently studying at HfBK Dresden.
Jugend-& Kulturprojekt e.V. is proud to artfully illuminate Ana’s works in the full moon gallery areas. Folkloristic references from Bulgarian traditions, the gathering of spirits mixed with still vibrant legends and myths, fascinated and inspired many visitors who also had the opportunity to share their thoughts and feelings with the artist.

o2. September 2020 Vielleicht Gestern

by Angel Vasilev

On the 2nd of September, the Full Moon Gallery opened its windows to the local artist Angel Vasiliev who presented his exhibition “Vielleicht Gestern”. The artist explained that the name “Vielleicht Gestern” or “Maybe yesterday” is a funny reminder to himself not to leave the work for tomorrow and be productive artistically in the here and now – the best time for that having been already yesterday. At the exhibition of the Full Moon Gallery Angel presented six artworks that were inspired by two years of traveling.

by Jakyeong

On the 3rd of August at 21:00, the Full Moon Gallery opens its windows first time on Hechtstr. 17 in Hechtviertel with the new exhibition Facebook by the artist, Jakyeong.  Jakyeong has been an observer of different people’s lives on the streets, through newspapers, flyers and commercials.  People might not look so familiar to the foreigner’s eyes and sometimes they can even seem bizarre.

Jakyeong’s daily habit inspired her to present this experience in the art by combining different characters and colors into the twisted theme mixing western-style motives and Korean folk art. Currently, her favourite character is the tiger, which has been strongly associated with the Korean folk art. As a self-taught painter, her works probably are not fully in line with academic rules but she feels free to apply divers’ materials and skills to her works.

Jakyeong has lived in Bern, Switzerland and in Bologna, Italy. Currently she lives in Dresden. Exhibitions of Jakyeong took place in July 2018 at Luda Gallery in Seoul and in July 2019 in a private space in Zirtow.