And for me, that begins in the studio and on my own doorstep. Many people think you only experience adventure when you are far away. But that’s not true! I can experience adventures everywhere, I just have to discover them and get involved in uncertainty, get out of familiar rituals, do something different. I like to experiment with color and form. The white of the painting surface becomes a challenge. The first application of paint becomes the “big bang” from which everything else develops. The Assemblage allows a playful approach to the means. Old layers are partially removed, remains are overlaid by new layers. Like our memories, which are partially forgotten or reinterpreted and changed by newer memories. My work is process-bound and the result is therefore not predictable. Therefore, my paintings are never “finished”, rather they are in a temporary state of rest. Some stay that way. Others I bring out again after some time and rework them again. Whether they become better thereby, I do not know. What is important for me is that they change.