25 January – 23 February 2024
Vernissage | 25 January 2024 | 20:00
Full Moon Gallery
Admission free!

Exhibition by Katja Tomzig
Katja Tomzig, a painter from Dresden, studied in Dresden and Cologne, where she lived for 11 years. She has been painting her series FACETTEN DER SCHÖPFUNG since 2019. She has taken part in various exhibitions and art fairs in Europe. She works with egg tempera, watercolour paint and pencil, water-soluble metallic paints as well as coffee, tea or sometimes vegetable juices on various types of paper and cardboard.
“My paintings show creatures and scenes that don’t come from my imagination, but rise from a blob of colour. I like the idea that they have chosen me to make them visible to you with my pen and brush. That’s why I call them FACETTES OF CREATION. First and foremost, I want to bring joy and confidence into the world. All the pictures invite you to take a relaxing short holiday in your head, freeing your thoughts. This creates new space – I remind you of your own creative power by showing you what it can look like when you widen your heart and gaze and allow new things to happen. We live in an exciting time in which anything is possible. It’s up to us what we make of it.”
Laudation: Dipl.-Ing. Oec. Dieter Hoefer | curator, journalist, art mediator
Musical accompaniment:
Nea Wavv & Robert Grund | Live premiere of the image-sound piece “September 2020 was still quite nasty here and there. Energy thieves everywhere”
The premiere of a new project, together with the Dresden musician Nea Wavv, who will gradually, if it goes well, set my pictures to music, and the Dresden image and sound artist Robert Grund, who will shoot the films to be set to music.
For the premiere, the first picture-sound piece for my picture “September 2020 was still quite nasty here and there. Energy thieves everywhere” will be performed. In the video, the viewer’s gaze will wander over the painted scenes, accompanied by the live sound collages. The final shot will be the painting as a whole.
Dr Hustler | DJ
He just can’t stop! After years of abstinence, the well-known scene DJ Dr Hustler returns to his old adopted home. His party series at Rock The Tram, BRN.Lustgarten, Piranha Beat Club or Club Sputnik are unforgettable and promise one thing above all: partying until the doctor comes!