Vernissage of the Exhibition by Uwe Beyer   30 July 2023 – 30 August 2023 Vernissage | 30. Juli 2023 | 20:00 Uhr Full Moon Gallery Eintritt frei!   In his exhibition STRUCTURES from 30 July to 30 August in the Full Moon Gallery, the Dresden painter and graphic artist Uwe Beyer shows graphic compositions that reveal complex structures formed from elementary building blocks – coloured areas and lines enter into relationships with each other. Interactions arise, forms become visible, a structure emerges. For the artist, everything is structure and nowhere does it have a centre or a boundary. For him, structural incompleteness and openness are a basic condition for the emergence of art. Open, unregulated, always in motion, is the creative activity, a game of infinite differentiations, in an endless chain of possibilities. Laudation: Dr Peter Plaßmeyer, Director of the Mathematical-Physical Salon in Dresden Musical accompaniment: Iryna Marchuk (Ukraine) on the violin