21.09.2021 20:00

For the September full moon we’d like to invite you to the opening of our new exhibition at the Full Moon Gallery! On the 21st of September at 20:00, we are glad to open Anne Rosinski’s exhibition „Über die Zeichnung hinaus“ (engl.:“beyond drawing“).
The visual artist Anne Rosinski sees her works as representations of emotional landscapes.
Currently, the focus of her figurative work is on feeling and describing the surfaces of these emotional landscapes. In doing so, she adds graphic structures to the landscape representations that go far beyond the sketchy nature of an artistic drawing. The magic lies in the absolute freedom to accompany the fleeting moment of a line while blurring the boundaries between painting and drawing.
The dissolution of the graphite material produces a multitude of shades and gradations of gray. A point condenses into a hatching and the paper becomes a source of light. Light and dark, proximity and distance begin to take shape.
In the process, Rosinski’s works become a mirror of emotional inner spaces.